Over 40 Years of law practicise experience.

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Our Members

Abdallah Kh. Nassar

Graduating from Alexandria University Faculty of Law in 1978, and in an attempt to search for the essence of thought which is the baseline of reaching rational decisions especially in the legal field, Abdallah Khaleel Nassar continued his studied in philosophy, specifically focusing on the work of: George Hegel, Immanuel Kant, and Shawbinhore.

Abdallah Nassar law firm was established in the end of 1981.Ever since its establishment Abdallah Nassar has worked on various legal cases in different levels of court, focusing on banks and trading firms ‘cases.

Working for Foreign and Arab firms on some of the most famous commerce and trade cases, Abdallah Nassar earned a strong reputation in the legal field. Some of his most memorable cases include several cases against the Japanese company Toyota, monetary claim cases for Greek merchants including a case in Athens against Nicola Qeoledis's firm. He has also worked on cases for both the Cypriot company Agamemnon and Emrick heavy weight cargo trucks, and monetary claims for Jordanian firms and persons against American banks for over $1 billion including Bank One of America and Republic Bank.
Regionally, he worked alongside many Arab companies on legal cases against Jordanian firms and vice versa, not to mention the various cases he handled for well known Lebanese, Turkish and Sudanese firms.

Abdallah Nassar is currently working as a legal consultant for over thirty companies worldwide in various fields, specializing in industrial and commercial field, car trade, and gold and diamond trading companies including Damas Jewelry and the American company Mac Zone and other worldwide well known companies.


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