Over 40 Years of law practicise experience.

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Complex Issue

After thirty years of mutual trust between us and our clients, we saw that we should start our own website so that it would be a permanent and ongoing connection between us and them in Jordan and allover the world. This website would be their reference to get access to the nature of our business activities and how we perform our duties honestly, sincerely and effectively, we are committed to the principles of justice and our objective is to serve the interests of our clients. This is our policy. We consider every case delegated to us as our private case. We do not compromise; do not postpone the duties of the day to tomorrow.

Our first goal is success and proving our ability to communicate and approach the official and non-official entities. This is because we believe that success is not only reaching the goal, but success is how to reach the goal. Our goal is achieving the rightness, being special in speedy conclusion of our duties and going into the field.

Our business activities include working in the various types of commercial cases (companies, banks, all kinds of related claims), criminal cases and representation before all courts of law and arbitration tribunals.

Through this website, we extend our sincere thanks to every one supported and worked with us during our lengthy march; and special thanks to our dear clients.


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